What is Floorball?

Floorball is an innovative new sport that is quickly taking the world by storm. It is a fast paced indoor sport that blends the elements of ice hockey with some characteristics found in soccer and basketball. Floorball started in the 1970's in Sweden as an alternitive to ice hockey. Since then it has experienced unparralled success through out Scandinavia & the rest of Europe! Floorball is now played in more than 51 countries and is officially one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

Floorball is played indoors on a court 40m by 20m or on a normal basketball court. Each team consists of 5 court players & a goalie. All players have a stick which can be either left or right handed. The goalies' rely on their hands to catch and throw the ball out, they do not use sticks.The aim is to score more goals than the opposing team in 3 X 20min periods.


How do I play?

Please check out this link to the Fundamental basics of Floorball